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War, science collide in ‘Operation Epsilon’

  CAMBRIDGE — The race to build an atomic bomb against the backdrop of World War II wasn’t just a matter of life and death, but the survival of countries and peoples. From… Continue reading

‘M’: Ryan Landry Lite is still entertaining

  BOSTON — It turns out Ryan Landry Lite is still pretty entertaining. Landry is the actor, writer, director and all-around creative genius behind the Gold Dust Orphans theater troupe, which performs in… Continue reading

‘Book of Mormon’ entertains as it offends

BOSTON — Squeaky clean, impeccably groomed, the members of the missionary army that is the young men of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints — aka the Mormons —… Continue reading

‘Vera Stark’ fades after a strong beginning

In an ad currently running on TV in the special election for the U.S Senate, a number of people of different races and genders all proclaim “I am Stephen Lynch.” The idea is… Continue reading

Visit ‘Clybourne Park’ before it’s gone

BOSTON — Bruce Norris’ Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “Clybourne Park” is a cleverly, carefully constructed play that looks at a very important issue from two very different angles. “Clybourne Park” is actually… Continue reading

Callas comes alive in New Rep’s ‘Master Class’

WATERTOWN — The late opera soprano Maria Callas was almost a mythical figure. She was as famous for her affairs as her stormy but short career. The soprano known as “La Divina,” born… Continue reading

‘Lungs’: Living, loving, making good choices

WATERTOWN — During our lifetimes we will make many, many decisions which will have profound and long-lasting effects. We will agonize over those decisions, and how they affect us, and we may take… Continue reading

Brustein’s ‘Last Will’ a loving coda to The Bard

BOSTON — The Bard and his bride have been getting considerable face time lately. Last month, Seana McKenna had her turn as Anne Hathaway in the Merrimack Repertory Theatre’s production of Vern Thiessen’s… Continue reading

ART’s ‘Glass Menagerie’ was worth the wait

CAMBRIDGE — It took 32 years for Tennessee Williams to find his way into the canon of the American Repertory Theatre. In this case, it was worth the wait. Once ART finally decided… Continue reading

Many will buy ‘wonderful feeling’ of ‘Oliver”

BOSTON — In the second act of the musical “Oliver,” the title character, sent on a mission to return some books, comes upon a myriad of vendors selling their wares in a city… Continue reading