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There are too many bumps along ‘Alligator Road’

STONEHAM – New works are the lifeblood of the theater, refreshing, renewing and reinvigorating the theatrical canon. But with new work comes both risk and reward, and while readings and staged readings are… Continue reading

‘Dames at Sea’ offers dazzling footwork, laughter

STONEHAM – Aside from the New England Patriots, director/choreographer Ilyse Robbins and actress Ephie Aardema just might be the best team around. They teamed up for three award-winning productions at the former Stoneham… Continue reading

Musical fable ‘Jonah’ both entertains and uplifts

STONEHAM – There’s no falling chandeliers, cats in costume or flying witches. But musicals come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and the Stoneham Theatre’s production of “Jonah and the Whale” is a… Continue reading

From St. George on down, Stoneham’s ‘Mame’ shines

  STONEHAM – Kathy St. George is the theatrical version of a hometown hero, and has returned several times to Stoneham since the Stoneham Theatre re-opened as a theatrical space in 2000. But… Continue reading

Stoneham’s ‘Lucky Stiff’: Some very inspired silliness

STONEHAM – There’s no great message or meaning behind the musical comedy “Lucky Stiff,” now at the Stoneham Theatre through Sept. 25. What you can expect is a fine cast dancing, singing and… Continue reading

‘Regular Singing’: The Apple Family’s last hurrah

WATERTOWN – With the Apple family, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. The series of four plays by Richard Nelson are all about small pleasures – such as eating and drinking… Continue reading

‘Lobster Girl’ sets off on an ill-fated voyage

STONEHAM – You can have a bevy of talented people working on a project but when things don’t come together, they don’t come together. It’s fun to welcome a new work into the… Continue reading

‘Laura’ is a skilled take on a vanishing genre

  STONEHAM – In most cases, the classic film noir of the 1930s and 1940s has made a seamless transition from film to the stage. Adaptations of “Dial M For Murder,” “Strangers on… Continue reading

Dunleavy, Robbins make ‘Sweet Charity’ swing

STONEHAM – The choreography of the late Bob Fosse is so singular that it seems you might recognize it blindfolded, just by the sound of the tapping of feet on stage. The angles,… Continue reading

‘Christmas on Air’ has charms, but may not be for all

STONEHAM – Listening, my beloved Susan says, is a lost art. We don’t often take the time to hone in on just what someone is saying. It was different when the radio was… Continue reading